The Secret Story of Wilfrid Israel


The Feature-Length Film: The Secret Story of Wilfrid Israel
"Following the overwhelming success of the short documentary and as a result of the new fascinating  findings and evidence that surfaced, we are proud to announce the launching of the feature-length documentary production of this extraordinay tale." THAT - was in 2012. 
Since the 30 minute documentary premiered on January 20th, 2012, thousands of people throughout Israel and capital cities in Europe, including Berlin, Vienna and London have viewed this film, asking for more. Based on the extraordinary feedbacks with an outpour of new material arriving daily and the financial commitment of new sponsors, our team launched into the more ambitious project of a feature-length film, working intensely and relentlessly on taking this work to a higher level of completion. During the last few months alone, the production team has flown to London to interview numerous personalities, including world-reknown historian and biographer Naomi Shepherd. We would like to thank all of those who have helped us produce the first film and all of those who have already contributed to this new project. Without your generous support this work would not have been possible.
However, at this time we call upon everyone who can, to help us achieve our budget's goals, so we can complete this important task. Today, in 2015 new surprises keep popping-up. These days we film several interesting interviews, and continue to look for additional sources and information. If you have any unpublished information about Wilfrid Israel and his life, or photographs / footage from Berlin 1936-1939, please contact us.

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On: Friday, January 20th, 2012
The premier screening of the Wilfrid Israel film took place at the auditorium of Kibbutz Hazorea, Israel with an unexpected and overwhelming response. 
More than a 1000 people from all over the country attended this unique event, along with those who flew in from other countries especially for the launch. One of the most honored guests was Naomi Shepherd, the historian and author of the biography of Wilfrid Israel, whose attendance enhanced the special atmosphere of the event. Sitting at the panel, after the screening, Ms Shepherd was the first to congratulate Filmmaker Yonatan Nir for his tremendous achievement with this special film.

1984 Award Winning Biography by Naomi Shepherd
1984 Award Winning Biography by Naomi Shepherd
Film director Yonatan Nir interviews Leslie Baruch Brent
Film director Yonatan Nir interviews Leslie Baruch Brent

Wilfrid Israel – The Savior from Berlin
30 minutes, HD, Hebrew/English/German
"Never in my life have I come in contact with a being so noble, so strong and as selfless as he was (Albert Einstein).
Unknown to most historical scholars, Wilfrid Israel was a significant heroic figure of the holocaust: one man soleyly responsible for saving tens of thousands of lives during the holocaust. The mysterious, inspiring and impactful story of Wilfrid Israel, the forgotten hero, is now being revealed for the first time through film.
In the north of Israel, in the heart of the serene Kibbutz Hazorea, stands the Wilfrid Israel Museum, a pillar of symbolic strength, built more than 60 years ago by the founders of the kibbutz, new immigrants that escaped from Nazi Germany.
Well preserved in the basement of this museum is a priceless collection of antique items from the Far East bequeathed by Wilfrid Israel in a will that was written only days before his airplane was shot down by the Nazis, in June 1943.
Amidst the dust of these artifacs lies the the unknown story of this mysterious man who saved tens of thousands of Jews before and during the holocaust period through heroic feats, including the initiative of the most famous "Kindertransport" operation.
Inspired by Naomi Shepherd’s biography of Wilfrid Israel, based on personal correspondences between Wilfrid and historically great figures such as Albert Einstein, Chaim Weizmann,  Lord Samuel and more, and based on intimate interviews with the few remaining survivors able to tell this incredible story, this film brings Wilfrid Israel's inspiring story from the hidden basement of a small unknown museum out into the wide open for the world to embrace as part of our collective memory.
The Wilfrid Israel Museum for Far East Art and Knowledge - Founded in 1951 at Kibbutz Hazorea, Israel
The Wilfrid Israel Museum for Far East Art and Knowledge - Founded in 1951 at Kibbutz Hazorea, Israel
Albert Einstein's Letter to Wilfid Israel upon his very late but safe arrival in London in summer 1939.
Albert Einstein's Letter to Wilfid Israel upon his very late but safe arrival in London in summer 1939.
English Translation: 

                                                          June 7th, 1939

Dear Mr. Israel:

I was extremely glad with your friendly letter and especially with the fact that you are finally safe.
What you have done was truly heroic, but I couldn't get rid of the feeling that you are too good for this world, but even more so for the environment, in which you insisted on staying for so long.
With the hope of seeing you again once more in this life, heartily regards to you and yours,
A. Einstein

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